About us

A few words about us and our job

Sprint Group successfully grabs the market shares since 2003. We specialize in domestic and international road transport.

Our core business is road FTL transports. Having on mind the needs of Customers we also realise partial and parcel shipments in EU and Poland.

We also mastered to perfection shipments requiring pallets exchange. The safety of loadings we get from our Customers is top priority.

That is why we have one of the best insurance policies with respectively high amount of cover. Since the beginning we cooperate on long-term contracts with our carriers of well-established position in the market. This is another factor which makes the cargo we take from our customers to be safely and efficiently delivered to its destination.

We also take pride of our own fleet of trucks which is permanently modernised and enlarged. Our fleet includes:

The services we provide are of the highest quality which can be confirmed by numerous certificates and awards. Our experienced and professional team of forwarders take care of logistic processes to ensure that our customers are well handled.

We react to our Customers’ needs with passion and openness to make our services even better.

Any load to be carried? Entrust it to us. Send an inquiry.

Best wishies for fruitful cooperation
Sprint Logistyka Polska

SPRINT’s decalogue

The Decalogue is a set of rules by which one should proceed and a set of values that should characterize each employee.

  1. Don’t complain:
    • actively search for solutions,
    • be open .
  2. Work on the company’s value every day:
    • think about the company as about yours,
    • create your dream place on earth,
    • do not defile your socket.
  3. Share your work:
    • share loads and cars,
    • precisely define expectations,
    • set goals clearly,
    • keep deadlines,
    • try to help with all your might.
  4. One for all, all for one:
    • do not turn your back on the other person when there is a problem,
    • take into account the point of view and the needs of others.
  5. Value long-term effects over one-time success:
    • reflect on the consequences of every decision,
    • with your behavior, build long-lasting cooperation with clients and subcontractors,
    • think long-term,
    • follow the common interest.
  6. Take responsibility for your decisions:
    • provide information only from the scope of your competence,
    • do not give up anything,
    • do not look for excuses for failures.
  7. Choose the appropriate way of communication with your partner:
    • speak straight and understandable,
    • make sure you have been well understood,
    • you do not understand the message – ask.
  8. Communication equals problem solving:
    • always ask at the source – do not gossip
    • communicate needs as quickly as possible to give others time to react.
  9. Develop yourself:
    • broaden knowledge, competences and qualifications.
  10. Be a good person:
    • respect your work and other people,
    • be honest and ethical,
    • act so that you can look in the mirror in the morning.